Christina Coghill

Christina Coghill is a lifelong crafter. Christina learned to spin over 20 years ago.  Spinning soon lead to processing fiber and to dyeing.  Christina is a certified Redding method Dyeing instructor.  Redding Method Dyeing is a technique that master dyer, master spinner, and shepherd, Natalie Redding invented and perfected. This method of dyeing will blow your mind!  Gone are the measuring spoons, premixing of dyes, and Dye pots that turn out muddy.  You will learn how to use various protein fibers and how each type dyes differently. This knowledge will assist you on dyeing colorways using minimal dyes, and should you make a mistake you will learn how to save your fibers. If you want to create eye catching bright colorways that are easily reproduced, you will want to learn this dyeing technique. Redding Method Dyeing teaches you how to dye bright vibrant colorways that are beautiful and colorfast!

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