Featured Artist: Susan Kesler Simpson

I was born on a dairy farm in Jay County, Indiana. I lived there with my parents and two older brothers. Our family was very active in 4-H, each one of us completing 10 years. I loved showing Guernsey dairy cattle. We showed at the Jay Co. Fair and the Indiana State Fair. Through 4-H I learned to sew and cook, and I still love baking cookies.  I remember as a child my grandfather raised sheep and he had a ewe that didn’t want her babies. So, I was given the responsibility of feeding them bottles. One of the twins died but the other became my pet. I named her Tammy, and she would follow me around the farm if she wasn’t in her pen. Grandpa always said she was the most cantankerous sheep on his farm. Little did I know that Tammy was my introduction to wool. I learned to spin wool before I learned to weave. I bought an old walking wheel and that was what I learned on. Later, I was very fortunate to buy a nice small loom so I could keep up with my new passion.  But life gets in the way and that was once again put on hold.  I finished my BS and went on to get my MA at the University of Nebraska. 

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