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Sheep to Shawl Lecture

Date: March 13, 2020

Time: 6:00pm

Sue Payne from Conner Prairie will do the lecture and talk about Sheep to Shaw and how they prepare and work together. For the last 16 years Sue has trained 30-40 Conner Prairie Youth Volunteers from the ages of 10-18 to compete on teams and face the same pressures as the adults. The program has grown each year and amazed everyone with its success. Sue will talk about her experiences developing the program, how it is supported, the unexpected benefits that have come from the program and the changed lives it has produced. Sue will be joined by a few of her Youth Spinners who will also speak about their experiences and the stresses of being on the Sheep to Shawl team. This is a completely unique program – there is nothing to compare it to anywhere.