1-Pot Rainbow Dye Pot


You may ask yourself how the dyes were controlled to avoid mixing and getting muddy colors? Learn the secrets using the Redding Method of dyeing! Using the Redding Method methodology dyeing you will learn how to dye a rainbow in 1 pot, using acid dyes. In class, you will be dying a mixture of various fibers. You will be amazed at the colors you will get and how easy it is to dye a rainbow in 1 dye pot. Get ready to learn how to dye BRIGHT, BRILLANT, VIBRANT, AND SATURATED COLORS. You will use 5 different colors to dye a rainbow. Students will receive 8oz. of various fibers, all supplies needed to dye, Namaste Farms Wool wash and wash and dye shampoos.  Students need to bring a 16-quart pot, thrift store finds are fine. Not necessary but if wanted students can bring an apron, gloves, and face mask. Material fee (paid to the instructor on the class day): you will have enough to bring home and practice your dyeing afterward). The instructor will provide butane burners, dyes, and wool shampoo that we will be using in class.

Materials Fee: $50
Class Time: Friday, March 11th, 9am-12pm
Teacher: Christina Coghill

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