Advanced Twining Class


Level: Advanced/Taamiko Style

This is a technique that I find is the most useful for complex rug patterns. Wefts of two colors are carried and used but only one color shows on the face of the rug. The weaver can produce any pattern that can be drawn on graph paper.

Materials needed: Scissors, Twining frame, Weft fabric, 

  1. dark ( background color) Amount depending on rug size
  2. light or bright colors (pattern) – this may be different scrap
  3. NOTE- lightweight cotton is the best to be cut into 1 1/2 to 2-inch strips

Warp fabric, cotton fabric that is not wanted, as it will not show.

Please, come with the loom/frame warped and ready to twine. 

Materials Fee: $0
Class Time: Saturday, March 12th, 1pm-4pm
Teacher: Kay Story

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