All the MEDIUM Stitch Markers! US10/6mm



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Just because it’s a MEDIUM, it doesn’t mean MEDIOCRE! And really, size 10 needles are the best. Big enough to make a pattern quickly and give you a nice fabric as you go.

The current varieties I carry are:

ABSINTHE MAKES THE HEART GROW *HIC* – Not Exactly Illegal Liquor Green wire with It Will Knock You On Your BadonkBadonk Green glass beads.

ATTACK OF THE MARY KAY COMMANDOS – Blush Pink with glass beads in Bashful Pink. They?re PINK.

COPPER, I C-U IN MY DREAMS – Morenci Mine Copper wire with Bisbee Queen Mine Copper glass beads.

DO NOT WEAR THIS COLOR ON STAR TREK – Doomed Red Shirt red wire with Expendable Cannon Fodder red glass beads.

EXCUSE ME WHILE I KISS THIS GUY – Haight-Ashbury Fog Silver wire with Purple Haze Purple glass beads.

FEELIN A LITTLE WICKED – Elphaba Green wire with purple glass beads.

HE MEANT *STAY BLONDE*, PONYBOY – Stay Gold wire with Nothing Gold Can Stay glass beads.

JUST VANILLA, LIKE TERMINATOR 2 – Nice Bland Bright Silver wire with Crazy Killer Mercurial Futuristic Assassin Silver glass beads.

KNIT WITH ALL THE COLORS OF THE WIND – The Multiple Colors of Winds of Change wire with Easy Breezy Deep Purple glass beads.

KNITS IN WHITE SATIN – White Satin white wire and Days of Future Past pearlescent seed beads.

KNITTING AWAY AGAIN IN MARGARITAVILLE – Blue Boat Drinks blue wire and Parrothead Shirts neon glass beads.

ON A DARK DESERT HIGHWAY, COOL WHIP IN MY HAIR – Dark as Night Black wire with Cool-Whip White glass beads.

PURPLE RAIN STAINS MAINLY THE PLAIN – Paisley Park Purple wire festooned with glass beads of Purple Artist Formerly Known as Violet.

SO THE YETI AND MR. FREEZE WALK INTO A BAR – Icy Blue wire with Very Very Cold Blue glass beads.

WALKING ON THE GOTH SIDE OF SUNSHINE – Emo Oilslick Black wire with Goth/Punk Iridescent Deep Purple glass beads.

WHEN AT THE GRAND CANYON, MIND THE GAP – Canyon Copper wire with Bisbee Turquoise glass beads.

Set of 10. Made from hand-coiled copper wire, the glass seed bead is glued over the joint to ensure smooth moving. All stitch markers are shipped in a zipper bag in a padded envelope.

Fits needles up to size US10/6mm.

Nickel free.

90 available

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