Apple X3 Rug Hooking


You have your choice of making 1 out of these 3 projects, each 10″ x 10″ finished.

  1. “Apples in Plaid” – Beginner
  2. “Abstract Apple” – Beginner/Intermediate
  3. “Waldoboro Apples” (Sculpting) – Intermediate/Advanced

Kit includes all materials for the class. The hand-drawn pattern on linen, rug hook, wool cut into 16″ x 3/16″ strips to finish the project, instructional handouts on technique and finishing ideas, pen, and notepad. The pattern will be stretched over a wooden stretcher frame. In this class, you will learn rug hooking techniques as we talk about the history of rug hooking.  This project will not be finished by the end of the class, but you will learn all of the skills needed to complete the project at home. *Please contact Tracy before class, so she can help you select the pattern and apple colors of your choice.  Each technique can be applied to either apple pattern.

Materials Fee: $80
Class Time: Thursday, March 10th, 5pm-8pm
Teacher: Tracy Burns

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