Heavy Metal Reversa-Clippy Stitch Markers!


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Heavy Metal is so much more than just screaming lyrics and distorted guitar chords! I mean, I don’t always listen to Motorhead . . . But when I do, so do the neighbors! LOL!

These are the metallic versions of my new movable design, the Reversa-Clippy! One side of the marker has a lobster clasp that will hang comfortable on most yarns with the exception of super-bulky variety. On the flip side is a round closed stitch marker that will fit up to a size 8US/5mm knitting needle. It’s almost like two stitch markers in one!

Here are the current varieties:

Chrome Like Mr. Clean’s Dome (Bright Silver)
Eat Gold For Breakfast, P**p Glitter Later! (Gold)
Metallica: For Whom the Wool Tolls (Gunmetal)
The Darkest Depths of Mordor (Bronze)

Made from hand-coiled copper wire, the glass seed bead is glued over the joints to ensure smooth moving. Because the rings are hand-coiled and cut, your markers may be slightly wibbly-wobbly and not completely round. All stitch markers are shipped in a zipper bag in a padded envelope.

Fits needles up to size US8/5mm.

Nickel free.

40 available

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