Reversa-Clippy – Stitch Markers of Many Colors!


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These are my new movable design, the Reversa-Clippy! One side of the marker has a lobster clasp that will hang comfortable on most yarns with the exception of super-bulky variety. On the flip side is a round closed stitch marker that will fit up to a size 8US/5mm knitting needle. It’s almost like two stitch markers in one!

Here are the current varieties:

Red Like the Sin You Should Have Committed (Red)

She Sells Seafoam By the Seashore (Seafoam Green)

The TARDIS is Blue Like Doctor Who (Royal Blue)

Paisley Park Purple Dance Party (Purple)

Knitting, Like Pink Champagne (Pink)

Blue Like Your Favorite Boat Drink (Ocean Blue)

Happy as a Unicorn Farting Rainbows (Multiple Colors)

Made from hand-coiled copper wire, the glass seed bead is glued over the joints to ensure smooth moving. Because the rings are hand-coiled and cut, your markers may be slightly wibbly-wobbly and not completely round. All stitch markers are shipped in a zipper bag in a padded envelope.

Fits needles up to size US8/5mm.

Nickel free.

30 available

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