Sheep to (just before!) Shawl


Fiber enthusiasts often ask, “What should I look for in a raw fleece?” Well, we’re going to look at a raw fleece fresh from the sheep! We will study the fleece, discussing crimp, lock structure, strength, and luster. We’ll wash some, going over various scouring techniques and soaps. Spinning in the grease is dirty, yet satisfying, so we’ll give that a try. Dyeing? Check. We won’t have time to make ourselves an actual shawl, but when we’re done, we’ll be ready to!

Students should bring: Spinning wheel or spindle, hand cards or combs (optional).

The material fee includes: handouts, soaps, dyes, notebook materials

Class Time: Saturady, March 11th, 9am-4pm (ALL DAY CLASS)
Materials Fee: $20
Teacher: Nelly DeVault

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