SuperSize Snag-Free Stitch Marker Stash Sets! With a Stash Storage Tin!


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Do you just want a whole mess of stitch markers of your very own? There are many patterns out there that require a LARGE NUMBER of stitch markers … Just look at Stephen West’s WestKnits MKAL 2020 for example. That pattern required 54 stitch markers!

I’m offering large sets of 30 stitch markers, in a variety of sizes. Not only will I be offering the round classic stitch markers in magnificent Multi-Color sets, I will also be offering the magnificent “HIP TO BE SQUARE” stitch markers (with their fabulous Neon Glow Under Blacklight Beads!) in their various sizes as well! Also, each set will come with a handy clear-top tin to keep all those stitch markers safely stored, and hopefully away from the vacuum cleaner, or tiny toddler hands who wish to encase your stitch markers in play-dough (true story)!

Lot of 30 stitch markers: $25


— ROUND: US1/2.25mm

— SQUARE: US3/3mm

Each set of ROUND stitch markers will be on MULTICOLOR WIRES with iridescent gold beads!

Each set of SQUARE stitch markers will be on bright silver wires with Ultra Radical 80’s Neon beads!

Made from hand-coiled copper wire, the glass seed bead is glued over the joint to ensure smooth moving. All stitch markers are shipped in a zipper bag in a padded envelope.

Nickel free.

50 available

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