The Sock Project


What started as a personal mission to find the perfect fiber for handspun, knitted socks has become a lifelong experiment with materials, techniques, and patterns. In this class, I will show and tell the socks I have made so far, share fibers and rovings to spin, and teach some of the ply techniques that are possible for making strong, long-wearing, yet comfortable socks. Participants will have the chance to create pages for a fiber notebook with the samples and ideas that are generated during class. Journey along with me for a day, spin some new fibers, play with color, imagine what could be!

Students should bring: A working spinning wheel or drop spindle, hand cards or combs (optional), fiber (optional).

Materials fee includes handouts, fibers and rovings, scrapbook materials.

Class Time: Friday, March 10th, 9am-12pm
Materials Fee: $15
Teacher: Nelly DeVault

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