Weaving Overshot


Overshot for both floor looms and rigid heddle looms. Overshot is one of the most recognizable and loved weave structures among weavers. It looks very complicated but actually is really very simple.  In this class, we will discuss what makes overshot – overshot. You will learn how to add borders to your piece and why this can be important. We will talk about color and see how small changes can really affect your project. There will be many samples for you to learn from and look at for inspiration for your own project. Although this is primarily a lecture, I will bring a floor loom so that each student can have time to weave a sample of overshot. Please contact me if you want to bring your own loom and I will send you a draft so you can have your loom ready before the class.

Materials Fee: $0
Class Time: Friday, March 11th, 9am-12pm
Teacher: Susan Kesler Simpson

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