What the #%@&! Stitch Comes Next? Identifier Markers


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You know how it happens … you’re knitting merrily along and suddenly wonder what the heck you’re supposed to do next, and your pattern has been stolen by the cat/fallen behind the couch/was used by the significant other to blow their nose. These stitch markers sit along your row, reminding you what to do next. Each marker uses standard English abbreviations for common stitches. There are also a number of markers on lobster clasps for use to mark the increase edge, the right/wrong side, and even a few “choice words” for when a mistake is made!

Each ringed marker feature color-coordinated beads – that is, all “yarn over” marker has the same color bead, etc. – and the ring fits up to US size 10/6mm needle.


YO (yarn over)
SSK (slip slip knit – left leaning decrease)
KFB (knit front & back)
K2TOG (knit 2 together)
P2TOG (purl 2 together)
M1L (make 1 left)
M1R (make 1 right)
S1IF (slip 1 in front)
S1IB (slip 1 in back)
SIKW (slip 1 knit-wise)
SIPW (slip 1 purl-wise)

Movable clip-on markers are on a 14mm lobster clasp that should fit up through bulky yarns.


INC (increase)
DEC (decrease)
RS (right side)
WS (wrong side)

“HAPPY ACCIDENT” Markers are also on lobster clasps to clip on those lovely issues we all get in our knitting:


***When you order these markers,  in the “personalization” section of the checkout page, let me know which markers you want, or if you want something custom made just for you! If you want the “Full Set of Cuss Words” let me know if you want “Censored” or “Uncensored”. ***

Set of any 6 – $13

All the “cuss” words (censored or uncensored) – $13

40 available

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