2021 Jay County
Fiber Arts Festival

April 24th, 2021

Virtual Classes and Marketplace!

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Lecture Sponsor

Susan Markle

from The Trading Post
(765) 778-3331

Event Sponsor

Richards Restaurant

(290) 997-6823

4 months ago

Do you have fiber to sell?
Check out fiberarts.visitjaycounty.com

4 months ago

WOW... look at all these gorgeous items listed on our new Marketplace! 😱 Come take a look! https://fiberarts.visitjaycounty.com/marketplace

4 months ago
Westwind Farm and Fiber

Meet the Shetland lambs at our farm.

4 months ago

Kylee from Westwind Farm and Fiber will be going live on our page at noon to show some of her farm. I heard there was promise of lambs!

5 months ago

Hey vendors! Want to show off all your gorgeous fiber and handmade goods in a Facebook live video on our page this weekend? If you're interested, send us a message or email danielle@webfancy.net

5 months ago

Marketplace April 24-May 2
Join us for a new experience with Fiber Arts!

5 months ago

Marketplace April 24-May 2. Join us

5 months ago

How to sell on Jay County Marketplace!

* Marketplace will be launching April 24 at https://fiberarts.visitjaycounty.com/marketplace
* It will be available April 24-May 2
* Vendors can sign up and ... See more

5 months ago

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